Best Birthday Speeches – How to Write a Great Birthday Speech

When it comes to birthdays one of the tricky things to do on that occasion is presenting a birthday speech in front of all people. Sometimes we don’t get enough amount of words to describe our feelings on the birthday, and that’s why we have created some good birthday speeches for you guys.

Funny Birthday Speeches

When you’ve given a chance to write a birthday speech, then it means you’ve got a big responsibility on your shoulders because everyone would be listening to your statement on the occasion of the birthday. I’ve seen many peoples who presented the worst type of birthday speech and no one likes this type of things so instead of that, you should read funny birthday speeches. Here we’ve written all kind of funny speeches which will make everyone laugh, and after hearing this speech of yours, you will undoubtedly receive a good positive response from the audience.

Funny Happy Birthday Speech for 50th Birthday

Hello Birthday Guy, Thanks for inviting me on your birthday party, with delicious food i got some free time from my wife. Hahaha Just Kidding by the way thanks for such a great party. God Bless you

I want to Write Birthday Speech for Myself

Giving birthday speech on your birthday is a big thing because you get an opportunity to thanks all of the people who contributed so many good things in your life. If you are confused about what to write in your speech, then don’t worry because here we have covered all the topics which will help you to create my birthday speech. It’s kind of welcome speech for birthday party.

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Birthday Speech for Myself

When you’re writing a birthday speech for others, you don’t get that much confused, but when it comes to writing about yourself, you will find it very much hard. Because writing a birthday speech for Myself seems natural to do, but it’s tough when you’re doing it. So if you are short of ideas for writing a statement for yourself then here we have already covered that for you.

How to Write a Great Birthday Speech

Many people still don’t have any idea about how to write a great birthday speech even for themselves, and that’s why we’ve added those points which will help people to write a great statement. Sometimes we don’t get enough amount of ideas to write what we want and here you’ll find already written great speeches.

Best Birthday Speech Samples

When you’re giving a birthday speech, you should consider writing about all topics, and you shouldn’t focus on writing about only one thing or subject. We have observed that many people still are not aware of how to write birthday speech accurately and that’s why here we have uploaded best birthday speech samples for you guys. If you have never written any rhetoric before on the occasion of birthday then with these samples you will get a perfect idea about how to write it.

happy birthday speech

Happy nth Birthday Speech

( Here you can find 18th, 50th, 60th or 100th birthday speeches to welcome your guests or to say thanks )

Completing 50/100 years of life is a big thing, and if you’re dedicating a happy 50th birthday speech, then you should write that speech which will cover every part of their life because everyone would like to hear on their birthday all the ups and downs which they had in their life. So if you want to dedicate someone 100th birthday speech, then you can do with these following beautiful speeches.


So here we’ve tried to cover every type of speech, and we hope you liked all of the speeches and if you’ve got any suggestions regarding them, then please let us know that by leaving a comment below.

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