Happy Birthday Song lyrics in Korean with English Translation

The world is full of various cultures, religions, and languages. There are so many languages that you cannot even think about counting on your fingertips or remembering each and every one. Today I am going to tell you how to sing happy birthday song in Korean lyrics. If you will learn it, you will be able to send it to your friends by recording it in your voice and I am sure that they will become happy.

Because of our professional life, we all are not able to communicate with our loved ones on regular basis, but festivals and birthdays are the time when we can talk to them whether it is for some seconds or hours.

Happy Birthday Song in Korean Language with Lyrics:

korean birthday song lyrics

Korean Birthday Song Lyrics with English Translation:

Happy birthday to you – saeng-il chughahabnida.

Happy birthday to you – saeng-il chughahabnida.

Happy birthday to my friend –saeng-il chughahabnida ui

Happy birthday to you – saeng-il chughahabnida.

Wishing someone birthday make them feel happy and special, and it is considered as one of the best days of everybody’s life because they celebrate it for being lucky to get this life and family. Today I am going to write down the Happy Birthday Song Lyrics in Korean, so you can send it to your friends living in that country.

You must be knowing that people living in Korea, South Korea, North Korea, and Peninsula are speaking Korean language so if your friend or closed one is settled down in those countries for many years, then it may be possible that they will not understand the basic English quotes, so instead of sending birthday songs in English or Hindi, you can send happy birthday song in Korean Lyrics.

Korean Birthday Images With Song:

Korean Song Birthday Wish For Friends

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Alternatively, you can send Korean birthday song lyrics with English translation, in case you are not able to understand what is written and you want to avoid sending anything inappropriate.

Reasons Behind Sending Birthday Wishes:

  • It makes another person feel special.
  • People realize their value in your life.
  • You can make their day by sending a simple birthday wish.

So, what are you waiting for now? Click the picture of these lyrics and send it to your Korean buddies.


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