Happy 100th Birthday Wishes Quotes and Messages

Here we have shared best 100th birthday wishes ,quotes and messages to send to your friends, relatives or family members who are turning 100 year old.

We wish our friends and relatives on their birthday with some interesting quotes and wishes over social media platforms or in person. Most of the people you’ve wished a Happy birthday is either young or just hit the fifties. Well, have you ever wished a person who has attained the 100 years age bar? Yes? No? Doesn’t matter. Some fortunate people are hitting the 100 year age bar and leaving peacefully. If you know someone who is 100 years old, then these 100th birthday wishes quotes are great to share with them.

Happy 100th Birthday Wishes Messages

Happy 100th Birthday Wishes Messages

  • Congratulations on now officially being the most amazing person of the century! I mean, how more amazing can you get than having lived through the entire thing! Happy Birthday!
  • You’ve seen leaders come and go, changes turn the world on its feet, but most importantly, you’ve been here in all of my times of need, to help me become the person I am today. Happy Birthday!
  • For the past 100 years, you’ve been the pillar that supports this family, not only as its founder and elder but as its friend and helper in times of need. All I can say is thank you, and happy 100th birthday!
  • With a heart made of gold and a century’s worth of wisdom and experiences, you are by far, the most extraordinary person I’ve ever met. Happy Birthday!
  • For the past century, you’ve made this family rise to heights that nobody could have ever possibly imagined, only by using your smile and endless pool of wisdom. Happy Birthday!

Send romantic birthday wishes to your life partner who is turning 100 years old.

Funny 100th Birthday Messages

Funny 100th Birthday Wishes Messages

  • For this exceptional day of yours, my only sincere wish is that you attain the body of a 20-year-old so that you can live up to 180! Happy Birthday!
  • Welcome to the century-old club! This is the big boys(or girls) club, where only the best among the best get to enter! Hope you enjoy your time here. Happy Birthday!
  • Hey! I thought you still were a teenager, when did you turn 100? Wow, time flies by so fast. Hope you reach 200! Happy Birthday!
  • If this day was an object, it would be a door, leading you to new adventures, that you now face, one year older, one year wiser, and a century’s worth of awesomeness! Happy Birthday!
  • Down to my core, I feel like this is a very special day for humanity because it’s not a common sight to see someone get past the 100 mark and ascend to even greater feats! Happy Birthday!

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Short 10oth Birthday Wishes Quotes

Short 10oth Birthday Wishes Quotes

  • Happy 100th birthday, you’re only 1/10th of the way to 1,000.
  • Happy birthday and welcome to the centenarian club.
  • Wishing the happiest of birthdays to the most delightful 100 year old I know.
  • Happy 99th birthday, for the second time.
  • Blowing out 100 candles is good exercise for the lungs.
  • Happy 100th birthday; wishing you another wonderful 100 years.
  • Congratulations on your 100th birthday.
  • Wishing you the most spectacular day for your 100th birthday.
  • Hope your 100th Birthday is a memorable one.
  • Wishing you a very happy 100th birthday.
  • You are truly blessed with an amazing 100 years of life and memories.
  • Happy 100th birthday, this is when the fun begins.
  • You look too young to be 100, you don’t look a day over 90.
  • Congratulations on turning a whole century old.
  • Happy birthday to someone who is ten decades young.
  • Wishing you endless joy and health on your 100th birthday.

You can send some religious birthday wishes messages to those who are turning 100.

The 100th  Birthday is the most significant milestone that every living person wants to accomplish. But there are only a few lucky people who are good enough to cross the age bar and become the 100-year-olds in this world. If you know someone, like your grandfather or the great-grandfather having the 100th birthday, then there is nothing better than sharing these best 100th birthday wishes with him while celebrating with him. As the old people are very emotional and can grasp the emotion out of every word, these birthday wishes for 100 year olds are going to make them feel happy and loving at the same. With these wishes quotes, you are going to make them happy and proud and make their 100th birthday memorable for everyone.

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Happy 100th Birthday Messages for 100 Year Olds

Happy 100th Birthday Messages for 100 Year Olds

Wishing one of the most beautiful souls to ever set foot on this earth an amazing 100th birthday. Not only have you changed the lives of many through your infectious smile and laughter, you have also been an inspiration to me for which I am truly grateful. Happy birthday and may all of your deepest desires come true.

Wishing a person so inspirational and amazing to have an unforgettable 100th birthday. May every moment of your birthday be filled with laughter warmth and joy.

May all your wants and desires come true of what will be a birthday we all will never forget. Happy 100th birthday and may you gives us the secret to the fountain of youth.

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Integrity and loyalty is hard to come by these days. On your 100th birthday, I wish that you continue to be a fine example of what it is to live a moral and prosperous life.

Wishing you love, warmth and health on your 100th birthday. May you be surrounded by loved ones and appreciated for all that you are, as a person like you only comes around once every 100 years.

I must say that I have learnt a lot in life though many of its ups and downs, though one thing which has allowed for me to enjoy each of the moments it has to offer is from how I view each situation. Thankfully, you have given me that perception for which I am truly grateful. On your 100th birthday, I hope you continue to show your optimism in each waking moment and continue to be an inspiration to all that you meet.

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So, these are some of the best wishes to share with someone who is crossing the 100th year of his life. This is a significant milestone that is very rare to see someone passing. I hope you loved these Wishes and quotes to share on the occasion of 100th birthday of the legends. Just meet the birthday person and share these wishes with them and wish them a very Happy 100th Birthday!.

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